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The air we breath

The world industries, in particular in emerging countries, are growing at a rapid speed. Worldwide, cities evolve into megacities, with more and more cars, more industry and more pollutant emissions.
The result: According to the season and depending on the geographical location, our air is being polluted and filled with fine dust/smog. This has a strong influence on our cell health and well being. According to a recent WHO study (World Health Organization), 7 million people die from the effects of fine dust pollution every year.

Our solution

As long as the strong growth prevails, in particular in the BRICS countries, the air pollution will remain. Knowing that the air is heavily polluted with fine dust/smog, we developed the unique Purephylaxis formula years ago, together with a team of qualified product developers and doctors.
The outcome is a unique supplement concept that confronts itself with today’s requirements of a developed industrial society and matches with an active, modern lifestyle.

Special care for special needs


Purephylaxis is a combined ingredient complex of vitamins, minerals and plant extracts. We developed our complex in two different compositions in order to meet the needs of our body depending on the specific time of the day.

Some ingredients of Purephylaxis Morning Protect can protect your cells against oxidative stress*, while some ingredients of Purephylaxis Evening Preserve have the ability to contribute to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue and support the maintenance of healthy bones, hair, nails, skin and eyesight**.  More…

*Vitamin E, C and zinc contribute to protect the cells against oxidative stress.
**Magnesium and iron have a function during cell division.

Even more possibilities to protect yourself

A food supplement alone doesn’t offer comprehensive protection against fine dust/smog.

Protection masks of the category FFP2 (CE certified and TÜV approved) provide you with 95 % protection. This means that masks that possess an active carbon filter offer you 100 % protection for a limited period of time. The medical masks that are commonly used in Asia don’t possess any protective function against fine dust particles and are completely useless. We developed a Purephylaxis mask of the category FFP2 that does not only protect, but is also designed to be fun! The printability is unique in the world and equipped with all necessary European certificates.


Ineffective in case of air pollution 95 % protection against fine dust with active carbon filter. Furthermore, you have the possibility to order your masks with your logo or design. Feel free to contact us, we are happy to assist you.  More…

40 years of experience as an basic component

In Germany, the development and the production of nutritional supplements are amenable to strict standards and laws in order to protect the consumers worldwide. Products from Germany stand for uncompromising quality and reliability, that’s why our nutritional supplements are exclusively produced in Germany and fulfil all German and European testing standards. Our Partner is a successful German corporate group with more than 40 years of experience in the production of nutritional supplements and produces them exclusively for us.

Likewise, the development of the nutritional supplements lies within the responsibility of a team of qualified product developers and doctors who made Purephylaxis into what it is today: Quality you can rely on!

Care is our mission

Ihr Wohlbefinden ist unsere Priorität

Wir glauben zu 100% an unsere Produkte, weshalb wir Ihnen die Möglichkeit geben wollen selbst zu erfahren wie sich die Inhaltsstoffe von Purephylaxis positiv auf Ihr Wohlbefinden auswirken können.

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